Increasing energy efficiency in printing and coatings industry

Increasing energy efficiency in printing and coatings industry

Grupo Sánchez from Mexico is a company that is recognized as a reliable supplier and advisor in the graphics, packaging, print marketing and coatings industries. It operates across the Americas.

In order to increase the energy efficiency and reduce the energy bills of its distribution centers and production plants, the company opted for a cogeneration solution and cooperated with Electriz. After completion of the project, Grupo Sánchez obtained energy savings of over 40%.

Building the cogeneration plant, maintaining it, operating it and managing it in order as planned has allowed Grupo Sánchez to maintain leadership in the industry, in addition to growing in an environmentally friendly manner. To have selected Electriz for this project has been a success”, says Mr. Alfonso Rojas, maintenance manager at Grupo Sánchez.

Technical details

1 20V4000 L33 engine
1 578 kWt heat exchanger that uses the engine exhaust gases
1 Energy Monitoring and SIGEOM Control system.
Installed capacity 1.8 MW
Electricity savings of 40%
Thermal savings of 70%