COGEN World Coalition

Today’s challenge for the future of both the people and the planet, has been globally launched with a very clear goal: to merge economic growth with energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

In the energy field, for large firms and companies in different sectors, the technological solution is already there on the global market and is constantly growing: it is named cogeneration or combined heat & power (CHP).


Increasing energy efficiency

Reducing emissions

Lowering energy bills

Improving energy system resilience

Making industry more competitive

Turning consumers into prosumers

The COGEN World Coalition mission

The Cogen World Coalition (CWC) aims to create and expand a global community of firms, companies, institutions and people focused and interested on cogeneration/CHP. We advocate for an efficient and sustainable use of energy. Acting as the global reference point for the sector, we are supporting the sustainable growth of continents and countries that have only recently entered this specific market and that are developing this technology already mature and widely used in different areas of the world.

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The COGEN World Coalition aims

To create and foster liaisons and contacts with relevant intergovernmental organizations (United Nations, UNFCCC and CSD-Commission on Sustainable Development, IEA-International Energy Agency, WTO-World Trade Organization, World Bank, IMF, etc.)

To connect companies, entrepreneurs, associations and professionals active in the field of energy efficiency; to exchange information and experiences related to this technology; to promote a wider use of cogeneration worldwide.

To support initiatives in order to lobby policy makers and regulators; to exchange, discuss and develop positions on issues of common interest: energy efficiency, climate change, sustainable development, financing and much more.

To support the establishment and development of national and continental associations/networks linked to cogeneration.

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