COGEN World Coalition members elect Alex Marshall as Vice President

COGEN World Coalition members elect Alex Marshall as Vice President

Alex Marshall from Clarke Energy has been elected as a Vice President of the COGEN World Coalition (CWC) for a term of three years, starting this month (June 2024). At the same time, Newton Duarte (COGEN Brazil) has been re-elected as Vice President, while Dora Adamo (Baker Hughes) has been re-elected as Treasurer.

Elections to the Management Board and Officer positions were held during the CWC General Assembly on June 3, 2024. Following these elections, the Management Board welcomes two new members: Julio Artiñano Pascual (COGEN Spain) and Daniel Salazar González (COGENERA México).

Furthermore, seven Management Board members have been re-elected for a second three-year term (until June 2027). They include: Yavuz Aydin (KojenTürk), David Gardiner (CHP Alliance), Stefan Liesner (2G), Javier Rodríguez Morales (ACOGEN), Marco Pezzaglia (COGEN Europe), Carl Richers (INNIO) and Yuichi Sato (Kawasaki Heavy Industries).

Alex Marshall is widely respected in the energy industry for his detailed knowledge of business and technology. Since joining Clarke Energy in 2007, Mr Marshall has held various senior roles and in February 2022 he was appointed as Business Development and Marketing Director for the entire Clarke Energy Group, which is part of the Kohler Company.

CWC President Thomas Smith commented on the outcomes of the General Assembly on June 3rd :

“I am very pleased that Alex Marshall has agreed to serve as a Vice President of CWC and I look forward to working closely with Alex and the whole Management Board in the coming months and years.

“The global energy landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and as an association we rely on the expertise and knowledge that the members of our Management Board collectively provide.”

Published: 18 June 2023