Growing vegetables all year round with cogeneration

Growing vegetables all year round with cogeneration

One of the largest greenhouse farms in Russia, where organic vegetables are grown on an area of 63 hectares, is also a major user of CHP technology. Following a successful reorganization, today the farm is a modern complex for growing, storing, packaging and distribution of organic vegetables – throughout the whole year.

The greenhouses are provided with heat and electricity from a power unit which is equipped with eleven INNIO Jenbacher 6-series engines. These engines are able to run more efficiently thanks to the use of a high-performance engine oil – ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD. This allows a prolongation of the oil operating times by up to 44% and a reduction of the oil consumption by up to 20%, which also enables the CO2 footprint to be significantly reduced.

Technical details

Power-driven plant: 3.354 kW

CHP engines installed
• 2 x Innio Jenbacher JMS 624 engines (steel pistons)
• 7 x Innio Jenbacher JMS 620 engines (aluminium pistons)
• 2 x Innio Jenbacher JMS 612 engines (aluminium pistons)

Type of gas: natural gas

Applied oil: ADDINOL Eco Gas 4000 XD